What is Xenko?

Xenko is a powerful cross-platform game engine. Enjoy the latest features of .NET 4.6 and C#6 to write stunning games efficiently!

Import your assets and build your world using the Game Studio. Create scripts with Microsoft Visual Studio and bring your game to life!

Xenko is available for free using a dual license system and its source code is available on GitHub.

Latest News

Xenko 1.6β released!

Xenko 1.6.0-beta is now available, just in time for GDC 2016. This release is a great step forward towards making the engine better to build awesome games! Prefabs allow you to reuse assets and build game more efficiently. Particles are a critical requirement for many immersive games, and are now......

First Fix Update of 2016!

Hi everybody! Happy New Year’s! Have you made any resolutions? We sure did! We resolved to keep updating Xenko to give our users a polished, easy-to-use engine. So for the beginning of this year, we are focusing on smoothing out some major issues reported by the community. As always, we......

Xenko 1.5β is out!

Season’s greetings! As promised in our last blog post, we have released some exciting new features for Xenko. This includes a new animations system, support of fbx cameras, a new search bar for the assets view, physics collider shapes at run-time, a simple performance profiler and much more. Open the......