Yes, all Xenko Beta versions are free, and will remain, free to use. We will make an announcement during 2016 regarding the licensing and terms of use of the official release version of the product.

Yes, you can sell your game without any constraints as long as you use the binary version distributed on the website. If you modify and recompile the engine yourself, you can still sell your product, but you have to open the source code of your game and the modifications made to Xenko as stated in the GPL license.

Yes, but if you modify the engine, the GPL restrictions will apply to your game. These restrictions mandate you to open the source code of your game (and the modification made to Xenko) to the public. If releasing your game under the GPL license is not an option, you can submit the changes made to Xenko in a pull request so that we can review them and hopefully integrate them in the next binary version. Alternatively, you can also contact us to inquire about options for an alternative licensing agreement.

No, if you use the binary version distributed on the website you are fine. The GPL license applies only if you modify and recompile Xenko from GitHub and build your game against a modified version of Xenko.

The current Beta versions of Xenko will remain usable with the same conditions even after the official Xenko release but won't be maintained anymore.

No, there are no splash screens or credit restrictions in Xenko Beta.

No, You don't have to notify Silicon Studio before publishing your game. However the Xenko team is always very interested in knowing what has been made with Xenko, and we can help you promote your game if you let us know about it.

Let us know before you release your game. We will be happy to retweet, share, and we may even write a blog post about it!

Yes, You can use Xenko sample assets and code in your games. However we do not recommend using these assets in any commercial games as they are well known and used by the community.

You can get basic support and help from the community on the different community platforms. If you would like to have premium support from the team or have specific needs for your game, feel free to contact us.

About Xenko

You can currently deploy games on the following platforms: Windows Desktop, Windows Universal (UWP), XBox1 (UWP), Linux, Android and iOS. We are currently working to add support for MacOSx and Playstation 4.

Most of Xenko source code is released under the GPL v3 License (unless otherwise stated). A few specific parts are released under MIT, CPL or Apache 2.0, usually matching the license of an original contribution.

We are not planning to open the source of the Game Studio during the beta phase. If you believe you require it for your project, please contact us to inquire about a custom Game Studio source code license.

We will soon provide a plug-in system that will let you share your modifications and extensions to the engine publicly without requiring the recompiling of any sources. In the meantime, if you made a new feature in the engine or fixed some bugs, and would like to share it with the community, you can make a pull request on our GitHub repository. We will review and hopefully integrate the change to the engine. Sharing a modified version of the engine on your own github account (or any public repository) is fine too, as long as you keep the GPL license with it.

Contributions to the Xenko documentation and tutorials are very welcome. Xenko documentation sources are available to everybody on Github here. Before making any modifications, start by reading our Guidelines to know how to proceed. If you are planning to make major changes, please let us know in advance.

Yes, Xenko is relying on Xamarin technology for the Android and iOS platforms, so you will have to install Xamarin to build and deploy on those platforms. Xamarin is now available for free in Visual Studio.

Yes. Please check our roadmap here